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Michelle Wheat

"After 3 visits I had the first week of the ski season I didn't hurt. I swear by the stuff" - Michelle Wheat


Candy Bray

I've had results with Dr. Knowles that I have never had with any other chiropractor. I mean that for the first time in maybe 20 years (and I have been receiving network care for that long) that I have the strength the lack of severe back pain and its associated factors going on that I've ever had before! When he works on me, no matter how "out" or "off" I was when I was coming into this office that I have the greatest amount of improvement and healing coming out of this office then ever experienced before with any chiropractor, network or not! That is the honest truth."


Robert G.

I have been a patient of Drs. Danny and Richelle for over 2 years. Every time I go into Family Wellness Center, and receive their healing touch on my back, I am reminded that I am being proactive in my health. The routine updates of thermal scans and x-rays, show accurately, and beyond doubt, what improvements have occurred, and what still needs to be accomplished with your spine. I am very fortunate to have met them, and to have experienced such a powerful improvement in my overall physical well being through their treatment.


Christine H.

Drs Danny and Richelle and Dr. Laura have all made a huge impact on my life. The method of chiropractic that they practice is different than anything I have ever experienced. The adjustments are so healing for both mind and body as well as relaxing. I am celebrating fewer headaches (down from 2 a week to <1 a month), more awareness of what my body needs and deeper more satisfying breath. If you're looking for help for pain or stress management...this is the place to check out!


Cat G.

NFWC has helped me immensely with my migraine headaches and arm numbness. I truly feel as thought I wouldn't be the healthy vibrant person I am today without them! Thank you Dr Knowles!



Transfomational! Network care has helped me in so many areas of my life, physically, emotionally. I wish more of my family would go‎



Dr Danny and Dr Richelle have truly changed my life. I finally realized that network care is all about having optimal nerve flow in your body, and when we don't have it we are not well. This is not about bone cracking, but true wellbeing. My life has changed so much since getting care from Danny, Richelle and Laura. I would highly recommend them!‎



Danny and Richelle Knowles as well as Dr. Laura Underhill are very passionate and dedicated to helping as many people as possible. While their technique is not well received by some, it is a more responsible way of practicing chiropractic care and is more effective than the traditional crack and pop doctor. It takes time for the body to manifest all of it's ills, therefore, it takes time to undo them. That is NEVER going to happen with your traditional chiropractor who's intent is to force a manipulation before the body has released the tension pulling the bones out of place. Network care goes above and beyond forcing anything because the gentle practice teaches the nervous system to release tension and stress on its own so that your body can do what it was made to do; heal itself. People who feel pressured to join this family just do not understand how important a healthy spine is and are confusing "high pressure sales" with genuine caring and passion.‎



"Effective and Gentle Chiropractic I have been going to the Network Family Wellness Center for about three years. The doctors are heart centered and always ready to help. Dr.Danny came to see me when I was in the hospital recovering from intensive abdominal surgery. Their work is effective and gentle.‎"