Rave Reviews - Rave Reviews


Rosie M.

"I have stopped taking asprin! My back has gone from painful to a mild discomfort. My breathing is better and I have a more positive attitude."


Beatrice H.

"I have become a “believer” My back pain is free, I have avoided colds, allergies, depression, and needing physical therapy after an accident."


Dianne L.


"I want optimal health to support me in all the areas of my life in which I seek happiness and to be of service to others. I have suffered from fibromyalgia and other disorders and illnesses that may have been partly caused by my scoliosis and I am now becoming free of these and feeling healthier all the time."


Sarah N.

"I do not wake every morning with a stiff back anymore"


Jessie F.


I came for an initial assessment after an at work session. I saw possible benefits in this and wanted to see how it could potentially help my neck and back pain. I now have less stress, and less tension in my neck and back. The awareness of my posture is outstanding! The sessions are relaxing and I continue to feel the benefits of my care through out each week.


Martha L.

Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles and their team are so dedicated and committed to giving every patient the best quality of care!! They spend as long as it takes to get the results they are looking for and never rush the process. I am very impressed with the changes in how I feel and the effectiveness of their work!! I can move and breathe more freely and my brain and eyes are working better!! Plus the entire staff is very welcoming and makes the environment very enjoyable. Yaay!! - Martha L.


Jennifer B.

"I've been coming to NFWC for about 5 years. They've always found a way to help me continue my service here, and I'm glad because radical changes have been happening in my spine and in my nervous system. I am a somatic psychotherapist, and I often say that this work is as relevant and effective as getting counseling. In fact, it makes the changes in the body state that make perception shifts stick. Every time I come here, I feel more clear, more clam, more in alignment with my authentic self. NFWC is very client centered, and I would recommend their service -- seriously -- to every one." - Jennifer B.


Jody Smith

I love all the doctors at Network Family Wellness, and each one of them is a gifted healer who brings their own unique gifts and loving hands to the table to connect deeply with each body, mind, and spirit who walks through the door open to receiving care. There is such a light, welcoming, supportive wave of energy that wraps itself around me each time I walk through the front door, and at times it brings tears to my eyes, because I feel so lucky to have found three awesome healers who I trust completely with the health of my spine. I am no longer alone with my pain, and their loving care has inspired my own healing energy to wake up and take charge of how I choose to live my life. As I recall, I was feeling very depressed and hopeless as I limped my way to my first visit. After only one visit, I went home feeling like I needed to cook for myself and make a really healthy meal. I felt a glimmer of hope and I felt my spirit lift. Network is a mysterious healing methodology. It feels like it awakens our bodies own healing energy by rewiring our nervous system and teaching our bodies how to deal with stress and pain in new more manageable ways. After three visits to Network I went to see the best acupuncturist that I new. He laid his hands on me and told me to get off coffee, pot, and alcohol, because the use of these substances was depleting my yin energy and deeply exhausting my Kidney and Liver. I learned in Chinese medicine that the kidney meridians run down both sides of our spine. So if our kidneys are stressed out by alcohol our bones start to deteriorate and we feel a lot more pain in our spine. When Dr. Danny showed me the x-rays of my spine, which he generously offers as part of his healing practice, I saw how the biggest curve in my scoliosis was directly relating to my sick kidneys and liver. I also saw that the disk that was disappearing in my lower back was connected to my bladder and small intestine, two organs strongly impacted by my love of tequila. Because of Network, I was able to walk out of the acupuncturist's office and take his advice, effortlessly. I wanted to live life to it's fullest and to see if I could be a miracle. I am happy to report that I am drug free for the first time that I can remember. After one week of care, I was taking my Chinese herbs three times a day, seeing my wonderful chiropractors three times a week, drinking a joint supplement called Joint Vibrancy once a day, taking fish oil and turmeric every morning, and I noticed that I no longer was taking Advil. The turmeric is an anti inflammatory herb. Network is magical!


Rob Bell

I've been working with Drs. Danny and Richelle and the rest of the staff at NFWC for almost a year. Based on my experience I wholeheartedly recommend seeing them whether you have concerns with the health of your spine and nervous system (which affects your total health) or are just looking for improved health and performance as I was. A few anecdotes of what I've experienced: -my posture has improved significantly to where I get frequent comment on it. And, was dubbed the Prince of Posture at an event I intended recently. Posture/alignment is not just looks but changes your mental state and improves physical performance I've seen. And, you will no longer have to work on posture, your body just adapts to a new better-aligned default. -I fell down the stairs at home a month or so ago; bouncing down a dozen or so stairs on my tailbone. Not fun. But, other than some abrasions, no effects. This couldn't have happened with misaligned structure. In short, I don't totally understand the voodoo they do, but I greatly benefit from and appreciate it. And, I couldn't ask for more caring people to work with. Go see them! - Rob Bell