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When looking for a helpful Boulder massage therapist, work with Network Family Wellness Center. The world is changing rapidly around us and it is no mere cliché to say that we live in challenging times. Economic pressures and the stresses of daily life can place an enormous and often ignored burden on our bodies and minds. Relieving this tension is crucial to living a better and more contented life, and massage has long been known as one of the most effective methods of dissipating emotional and physical stress. If you are in need of a therapeutic Boulder massage therapist, we have many providers to choose from. At Network Family Wellness Center, our certified massage and chiropractic specialists go beyond the practice of traditional massage to include chiropractic techniques and an advanced, holistic approach.

The leading provider of a Boulder massage can be found with — Family Network Wellness Center — offers clients massage and chiropractic therapies aimed at rejuvenating the mind as well as the body. Our goal is to help our clients to release the tension stored in their bodies and to unleash their inner capacity for self-healing. We ensure that all of our clients leave our practice feeling centered, balanced, and in harmony with their physical and emotional self.

While you might think that all you require is a simple massage, most often this type of therapy will not lead to long-term relief from pain and discomfort. At Family Network Wellness Center, we use a unique approach that sets us apart from the many other providers of a great Boulder massage. Our combination of massage therapy and chiropractic techniques allows for a more advanced and well-rounded system of care, leaving your body more able to cope with daily life stresses and enhancing your ability to heal well from an injury. Our holistic approach focuses on releasing an individual’s innate intelligence to help further their mind-body connection and enhance their sense of general well-being, leading to reduced stress and better overall health.

In terms of holistic services of chiropractic and Boulder massage services is somewhat limited. However, the chiropractic specialists at Network Family Wellness Center offer the care plans you need to achieve better spinal health and enhance your own powers of self-healing and rejuvenation. We offer our clients a number of massage plans, including our highly rated Massage Membership Program. Enrollment in this program enables you to receive regularly scheduled massage therapy on a monthly basis. We have a number of options available in terms of massage frequency and therapy packages. The benefits of getting a regular chiropractic massage include dissipation of pain and stress, releasing patterns of stress load on your spinal system, and unleashing the power of your innate intelligence to help you self-heal and live a happier, more healthful life.

For the convenience of our clients and practice members we offer monthly massage packages as well as the more flexible 5-pack that allows clients to pre-pay for a set of five massages and use them whenever they like. We also offer a variety of a la carte massage services, including deep tissue and prenatal massages.

Monthly Massage Membership Fees
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Silver - One 30 Minute Session per Month $37/Month
Gold Program - One 60 Minute Session per Month $59/Month
Platinum Program - Two 60 Minute Sessions per Month $99/Month
Ultimate Program - Four 60 Minute Sessions per Month $179/Month



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If you are looking for the best and most effective services of a Boulder massage, Network Family Wellness Center is the place for you. Call us today and get started on your personalized path to holistic well-being and a pain-free life.