• I am pleased to say my spine is responding very well and my overall health has improved and for that I am very grateful.
    - Brenda Wise Arnold
  • This treatment has done wonders for my back and my self as a person, making me more aware of what is happening in my body. I love this place.
    - Carmelina Tuell
  • "Network Chiropractic has given me the ability to be in tune with my body's needs and adapt readily to those conditions"
    - Steve Vanek
  • I had no healthy curve in my neck and now I do!
    - Dee Zucco
  • Everything I have learned from them about why this works and why it is important deeply resonates with everything I know to be true.
    - Anastasia Andreas
  • My back pain is gone and neck is so much better. Plus I feel more relaxed
    - Doug Wood
  • Life has changed daily. I now walk much better, a better stride and less pain. I sleep better and feel much better working out. I now look forward to being healthy into my 80's.
    - Kirk Fry
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Weight Loss Boulder

Weight Loss Boulder

Weight Loss Boulder

What our patients are saying about the fast and forever weight loss system
Watch Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C. share keys to weight loss on CBS.

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss and Food Management Program Targets Fat Not Muscle

  • No Prescription Needed
  • Heavy Exercise is Discouraged
  • No Costly Frozen Meals to Buy
  • Easy Recipes You Can Make at Home
  • See Dramatic Results in the First Week!
  • Finally Have Access to Secrets
  • Re-shape and Re-set Your Metabolism
  • If You Have 10 or 100 Plus Pounds to Lose You May be a Candidate

Call to attend a FREE “The Weight is Over” Program.

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There are many weight loss programs in out there. If you are serious about losing weight, rather than trying another fad diet, end it once and for all with a healthcare professional designed program to reset your metabolism. We have a wide variety of programs available which are customized based on age, current health status, and how much weight is desired to be dropped. The doctor will work with you based on your individual needs, timeline and budget. This can be as simple as a diet change and can be as dramatic as diet, detoxing, hormones, massage and chiropractic.


Obviously if you’re in pain, you will not be able to exercise as easily, so if this is an issue and there is any physical limitation to you exercising, then this may be addressed as well. Average results on the hormone food management and weight loss program are 10-20 pounds in 30 days and 20-35 pounds in 60 days. Since we are working with the hormones, these are long standing changes.


Call 303.998.1000 if you would like to start losing weight today.
You will have to fill out the “heath questionnaire” in the patients forms section before your first visit as well.


Methods Utilized:


Stop being a statistic of chronic disease, joint pain and other weight related health issues!


Through healthy eating and a host of proven, effective guidelines, the Network Wellness Center three-phased program will help you achieve the results you desire. Then transition to a diet that is suitable for your lifestyle.


Our program includes a diet rich in organic foods to leverage their unique chemical compositions, while eliminating those foods and products unhealthy for your body and inhibiting your progress.


This program uses natural hormones that reset your metabolism at the hypothalamus level for long-term results. The hypothalamus moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage and, more importantly, your metabolic rate. An individualized weight loss program is designed to help you prepare, plan, and positively change your lifestyle habits for the long term.

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